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Dharwad Tourism


Cinque Terre    Cinque Terre
Sankar Matt
Unkal Lake, Hubli


   The district of Dharwad has had a glorious cultural past even from Paleolithic times, examples of which are found in plenty in the region.  The district nurtured a variety of ruling dynastics and their administrations from the hoary past.  There were the Chalukyas of Badami,Raashtrakuutas, Hoysalas, Shaatavaahanas, Kadambas, Moghulas, the Vijayanagar dynasties, the Nabobshahi of Savanur, the Peshwas of Pune  and the British officers of the erstwhile British India.  During the times of Freedom Struggle, the people  of Dharwad participated in the event with total dedication the district boasts of the Shaalmala river on the outskirts of the town of Dharwad.  The town itself is an abode of evergreen vegetation. 


    The town had the honor of being crowned as a Centre of Education even during the British regime.  At present, there are two universities, like the two eves of the Goddess of Knowledge: the Karnatak University and the university of Agricultural Sciences.  This is the district which boasts as the birthplace of  Kumaaravyaasa-the great 16th century poet known for his Kannada recreation of the Mahabharata.  From time to time the district has been sanctified by a host of saints and godly persons like the Shariff of Shishunaala ( Shishvinahalli of today),  Guru GovindaBhat of Kalasa, Naagalingswaamy of Navalgunda, Madivaaleshavara of Garaga and the Siddhaaruudha of Hubballi .  These and many other saints of the region advocated unity of religions, promoted communal harmony and brought about emotional unity among people of different faiths.  There are also innumerable archeological monuments and places of popular worship.  The following are a few among them:  Lord Amriteshwara of Annigeri,  Doddappa Adaragunchi, Devi Banashankari of Amargol,  the jain saint Paarshvanaatha of Amminabhaavi,  the Jain Basti of Kalaghatagi, Loard Chandramouleeshvara of Unakal,


               The Tamboora Basaveshvara of kalaghatagi, the Saate Shahid Sanctuary , Rajabaag Savaar of yamanuuru.  These and many other places are noted not only as places of worship but also as historical monuments which celebrate the holiness of spirit of the devotees.


                After reorganization of the districts of North Karnataka,  the District of Dharwad.  which earlier on had seventeen Talukas has now only five taluks.  Sixteen of them hadve been relocated to the new districts are kalaghatagi,  Navalgund,Kudnagol, Hubballi and Dharwad.  Though the district has been much reduced in size, it is capable of retaining its  special place in the cultural map, not only of the site of Karnataka, but also of the larger map of India.


1. The Karnataka University situated in Pavate Nagar.

2. University of Agricultural Science

3. The Two Main entraces into the Fort

4. The temple of Someshvar at Someshvar (Which is also the source of the river Shaalmalaa)

5. The temple of Dattaatreya Swamy

6. The temple of Goddess Durga

7. The temple of Hanuman at Nuggikeri

8. The Kelgeri Tank

9. The Mutt of Murugharaajendra Swaamy.

10. The All saints Church

11. The Vidyavardhaka Sangha

12. The Temple of Loard Uluvi Channabasaveshwara

13. The Dhummavaada Tank (also known as Nirsaagar)

14. The Tatvaanveshana Mandira

15. The temple of Goddess Banashankari at Amargol.

16. Bendre Bhavan

17. The Mallikarjun Mansur Trust Building



1.The Nriputunga Hill

2.The Unakal Tank

3.The Chandramouleeshvara Temple at Unakal

3.The Siddhaaruudha Mutt

4.The temple of goddess Tuljaa bghavani

5,The Railway workshop

6.The Muuru Savira Mutt

7.The Satya Saayi Baabaa Temple at Unakal

8.Sayyad Fate-Shaa vali Darga

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